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Experience the convenience and efficiency of the BunnyDoc eSigning solution. Your clients can sign contracts electronically anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected device, no app login is required.


Effortlessly Sign and Track Documents Online: Simple, Secure, and Convenient

It is a place where discussions flow, decisions are sealed, and information is instantly within your grasp. With BunnyDoc, your document gets signed in a few minutes. Our eSignature solution complies with legal requirements and industry standards, providing the necessary security and authentication measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your contracts.

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With our eSignature solution, there’s no need for additional document tools. Smoothly integrate it with popular applications like Google Drive, DropBox, Zapier, and One Box for uncomplicated and secure document signing.


More control and greater overview from simple, powerful features

Sending documents for eSignature with BunnyDoc is easy.

Audit Trail

Providing a comprehensive audit log with a transparent record of actions ensures its validity in legal proceedings.

User management

Establish accounts for your organization members to collaborate on documents sent for signature, fostering efficient teamwork.


Achieve facile document preparation by creating reusable templates with personalized text, ready to send in a click.


Customise emails and communications to your customers by adding your personalized business logo and message.


Stay on top of your notifications by configuring additional emails to receive important notifications.

Bulk sending

Import a list of signers to a template and send a unique copy to each recipient for e-signature.

Ordered signing

Customize recipient order for document signing, enabling personalized control over the signing process.

In-person signing

Empower your customers to sign documents conveniently using their computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Progress tracker

Stay informed about document status, easily tracking each recipient’s progress with real-time document tracking

Frequently asked questions:

An electronic signature or eSignature is a handwritten autograph of a person that is created on a device. It can be created with the help of the appropriate software. It is a legal way to get consent on documents. It helps to complete transactions faster.
Our electronic signature service is secure for all businesses. We store the data in an encrypted format on amazon servers, and only authorized people have access to these servers. So, you may rest assured that data will be stored safely. Your records are legally binding and comply with ESIGN protecting requirements
Yes. Electronic signatures are legally binding in nearly every country, and they can also be used in court in case of any dispute. United States passed the ESIGN Act in 2000, which makes eSignature legal for almost all users. In the European Union, the Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS) entered into force in September 2014, and applies from July 2016. Many other countries have introduced similar laws as well. To learn more, please visit our eSignature legality page. BunnyDoc works according to these laws and is considered to be a certified and trusted software provider.
You can sign the document without having an account only if you are the recipient. If someone sends you a document link via email/SMS or posts the document link on the public platform or asks you to sign in person. In these situations, you can access the document, sign it, and complete it. However, if you want to create a signature request, then you would need to register. But you can use our free signature generator tool to create your own digital signatures.
BunnyDoc is legally binding in any country that has passed legislation for electronic signatures. However, the types of documents you can eSign depends on the specific regulation in your country.
You can close your account at any time by following the instructions.
Go to ‘Admin Settings’ and click on ‘Delete my account’.
For annual subscription plans purchased on BunnyDoc.com, we offer a refund within 30 days of purchase. For monthly subscription plans, you can cancel your account at any time and you will not be charged for the next month.
If all parties choose to sign the document digitally then it is a legally binding document. It is confirmed by the federal government of United state and they passed the
Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN)
E-signatures have considerably replaced the “ink-based” or “wet” signatures. But certain circumstances still demand individuals to sign the paper to make them legal, including:

-Wills and testimonies.
-Filling for a divorce, adoption, or other family law.
-Court orders and official court documents.
-Notice of cancellation of utility services.
-Termination letter for health and life insurance.
-Recall notice of an unhealthy and life-endangering product.
-Legal documents require a facility to transfer bio-hazardous products and toxic elements.