About Us

Electronic Signature solution provider

With sheer determination and focus, we started operations in 2023 as the premier provider of reputable authentication solutions based in Melbourne. We are an eSignature company (SAAS), enabling giant multinationals, various businesses, IoT intelligent thinkers, and public cloud services to protect their online agreements and MoUs.

1. Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate businesses accumulate faster by incorporating digital identification and anti-fraud ideas which are simple to use, leading to enhanced and secure interactions.

2. Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most trusted provider of digital resources fortification. We want to eradicate the conventional approach of paper-based consent systems, which are prone to human errors and profoundly sluggish, modernizing it with machine learning and integrating it as per the germane systems used by businesses.

3. Our Guiding Principles

Our work, how we connect, and our techniques to achieve our objective are all influenced by our following rich values.

Customers Come First Always: Our name is synonymous with powerful customization possibilities, outstanding quality, convenience, dependability, privacy, and our clients will indeed refer to us as the first-choice provider of robust solutions

Organizational Efficiency: We are a streamlined organization that is perpetually adjusting and strengthening its tools and approaches. We have a known, consistent style and proven record of efficiency

Quicker than Paper: Sending and signing agreements takes up to 80% less time.

Excellent Working Environment: We provide a stimulating and diverse work atmosphere in which professionally talented people collaborate to achieve a shared objective

4. Our Services

Contracts are the lifeblood of businesses. Users can send signature requests to the clients and sign the document digitally. We preserve notes of each transaction and provide an audit trail. Each completed document bears the AATL signature, and an LTV-permitted timestamp, making it possible to get a confirmation in a court of law. You can quickly create, transmit, verify, and track electronic signatures with our services.

Quicker than Paper: Sending and signing agreements takes up to 80% less time

Simple and User-friendly: Help streamline signing for almost everyone, whether they are techno-geek or not

Compliant with the Law: Document access, evaluation, and signature are all logged in audit trails

Trustworthy and Safe: Preserve your most fundamental documents by signing and requesting signatures confidentially

From advertising to finance departments, legal affairs to marketing & sales, everyone can harvest the benefit of substituting slow paper-based workflows with secure digital signatures. And the interesting aspect of our services is that it applies to any industry ranging from healthcare to fintech, automobiles to e-government, giving them autonomy and audacity for document integration while fulfilling the electronic signature compliance framework.

5. Our Change Makers

The proper people are always the foundation of any successful business. Our professional & experienced group of employees encourages us to traverse hindrances and allows us to advance and cultivate. They’re curating our vision for an end-to-end document workflow service that’s convenient to use and automated. They are devoted to our services and guarantee that they fulfill the demands of our thriving user community.