BunnyDoc Privacy Policy

Effective date: 01 March 2023

BunnyDoc is an authorized and secure e-signature company that strives to make business activities go faster. While speeding up your business transactions Bunny Doc and its affiliated companies (Bunny Doc, we, us, our) remain firmly committed to keeping all your private data (Private Information) safe. Managed by Amazon, we have ISO 27001, and a FISMA certified data center that adds layers of security to your data and all digitally shared documents. By utilizing the latest technology and a robust security mechanism, we ensure your privacy is well-protected and well-respected.

Being a globally recognized company, BunnyDoc ensures that the personal data obtained from our customers is never exposed to a third party. We compel our users to read more about our privacy policy (Privacy Policy) before signing up for our services. This privacy policy will shed light on how the company collects, manages, processes, retains or disposes  of any personal information shared with us during our collaboration with our clients.

By employing our services and agreeing with our Privacy Policy, you give us your consent to the subject along with detailed contents of this Privacy Policy. We advise you to read the Privacy Notice carefully to make yourself aware of your rights.

1. Personal Information That We Use

Our company aims to maximize the security of your digital documents. To make sure an authentic user signs each document, we use some of your personal information, including your name, email address, contact number, IP address, and signatures.

2. Legal Basis For Processing Personal Information

BunnyDoc introduced an electronic signature system to replace the conventional paper-based methods of processing business documents. By incorporating digital identification, we help you expand your business and price your business documents faster. Our two Factor Authentication technique secures your business transactions even more.

But to fulfill all these legitimate interests of our clients, the data you entered is processed and managed by the authorized personnel at Amazon. They process the data and provide access to privileged business individuals.

Besides carrying out the legal requirements, we may also process your private data to prevent, detect, and investigate fraud.

However, we strictly abide by the laws and regulations regarding storing data and information. The personal information that we collect is stored on servers hosted by us or our authorized third-party service providers. We do not share or sell your personal information to unauthorized or unaffiliated third parties.

3. How Do We Collect Personal Data?

As a digital service provider, we strive to make business activities steadier for all our clients. From creating individual accounts to preserving each transaction through a court-admissible audit trail, we aim to give you a faster turnover for your business activities. But to fully benefit from our services, BunnyDoc needs to collect your Personal Information. We collect this information in several ways, including when someone visits our website, becomes a User, or a Customer of one of our Users.

Our certified data centers collect the Personal Information of Customers at Amazon. The Information that Customers share with us is based on the agreement between the User and the Customer. The agreement describes what Personal Information you need to share with us for a pleasant and safe e-signature experience.

4. Collecting Personal Information:

You will be subjected to share your Personal Information, including your name, email address, address, occupation, and phone number, under particular circumstances. Situations where BunnyDoc demands your Personal Information, including

  • Creating a new account with BunnyDoc.
  • Logging into your existing account
  • Using the two-factor authentication protection.
  • To sign or review an electronic document.

5. Automatically Collected Information:

Our website generates Cookies that help us collect data about our users and serve them better in the future. The Cookies analyze critical information about our users, including their IP address, the type of device you are using, and a rough analysis of how much time a particular user spends on our website. This information is automatically generated when Users share documents, send a signature request, or sign a document using their accounts. All this data allows us to improve our service and provide highly adequate customized solutions for our clients.

If you want to disable the cookies, you can easily do so by either changing or deleting the Privacy Setting through the browser. However, bear in mind that this might interrupt your interaction with our services.

6. What Are Your Privacy Rights?

Besides securing the data and information of our customers, we also value their privacy. The privacy of our clients is protected by the rights and choices outlined below:

  • You have the right to change or update your privacy information. All you need to do is sign in to your BunnyDoc account and edit your profile.
  • You can request to delete all your data and documents from our system. However, documents that are under legal hold or are owned by multiple parties will be deleted after the legal process comes to an end or when all the parties have given their consent to delete the respective file.
  • To begin the deletion process, contact Bunny Doc at [email protected]
  • You can also request a copy of your Personal Information processed by BunnyDoc.

7. Data Security And Protection:

BunnyDoc provides a powerful and secure platform that keeps your documents safe. We utilize the ISO 2 provided FISMA Certified data centers that apply layers of protection to the data being shared within or outside of a business organization. The authorized staff at our data centers continually monitored all the visitors and utilized a two-factor authentication to physically or electronically access the data.

To further protect your data from tampering, we compliant all your signed documents with AATL. This preserves the originality of your document. Moreover, the encrypted data is backed up every day. Every Login Session expires after 20 minutes unless you are using it, making BunnyDoc the safest e-signature service provider.

8. Incident Reporting:

BunnyDoc takes pride in helping its customers. If you want to report a security-related problem, you can easily connect to our team through [email protected]. Make sure to define the issue in full detail. The security professionals will then evaluate the problem and will get back to you as soon as possible.